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Female Hygiene Tips and Tricks

Female Hygiene Tips and Tricks

What follows are some of the best things you can do to be clean and healthy around the va-jay-jay area:

After going to the bathroom, make sure you wipe from front to back to help prevent any nasties that cause infections
Wear pure cotton underwear as much as possible, this will help keep things dry because the fabric ‘breathes'. If you do notice things are a lil damp it is worth changing into a clean pair
If you can, avoid very tight fitting clothes (like stockings, tights, synthetic leggings or pantyhose) for long periods of time as these can cause you to sweat and increase the chances of some very uncool infections down there
Take a daily shower or bath. If you are a sports nut then consider showering after you are finished your training. Sports will increase the amount of sweat our body creates so it's best to wash it all off when you're done
When you are in the bath or shower make sure you give yourself a good wash with soap or shower gel and water. Use a sponge or washcloth and be sure to clean under your armpits and around the vaginal area
Make sure all soap is rinsed off before you get out the bath/shower, any soap left on the skin can cause it to dry out and get itchy
Keeping your vagina clean by washing the outside areas only. The inside parts (like where you insert a tampon) have their own cleaning system – so how cool is that! Change pads and tampons very regularly to avoid any nasty infections
Finally, don't spray deodorant onto your vaginal area – deodorant has chemicals in it that will affect the PH levels down there which won't be comfy
You might hear your friends talking about other things that they use to make themselves feel cleaner, things like douches and feminine hygiene sprays. Normally these things can actually do more harm than good, so only use something like that if prescribed by your doc.

Any mucus coming out of your vagina (i.e. not urine or your period) is called vaginal discharge and it's normal to find some clear or slightly milky discharge in your underwear. If you want to protect your undies from discharge you can try using Kotex® Liners. If the discharge changes colour (to yellow or green) and you start to feel itchiness or burning, then you might have an infection and should go see your doctor.

Female hygiene is definitely not rocket science but it is something that us girls should get on top of. As our bodies change they start to let off different odours that come from the glands under your arms and around your pelvic area. Sorting out these smells is easy – just shower daily and keep some deodorant in your bag if you're worried. When it comes to your vagina all girls have their own unique smell, but it's not something anyone else will be able to notice (we promise!).

The advice provided in this material is general in nature and is not intended as medical advice. If you need medical advice, please consult your health care professional.

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