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If you are anything like us – we would forget our head if it wasn’t attached to our body – then taking the Pill every day might be a big ask. If you want contraception that doesn’t come with a social schedule then the Contraception Implant might be your choice. It is a small piece of plastic that is inserted into your arm, slightly under the skin. It acts pretty much like the Pill (except that you don’t have to remember to take it every day) and it can last up to 3 years! It’s only available with a prescription so chat to your GP to see if this is a good option for you.

A diaphragm is a little like a condom for women. It is a small latex dome that you would fit so that it completely covers your cervix. Diaphragms can be re-used (after a little cleaning with some soapy water) but should be left in place for up to 8 hours after sex. The good news is that diaphragms only need to be used during sex but they can be tricky to insert correctly. Again, chat to your doctor if you want to go with this option.

As with all things sex, gossip spreads fast! There is lots of talk about contraceptive techniques that are even less effective than getting boys to do the washing up! The withdrawal (aka Coitus Interruptus) contraception method is commonly used but definitely not recommended. With this method your partner withdraws his penis from you just before he climaxes. Trust us on this one, stopping during sex will probably be the last thing on his mind so this should be the last contraceptive method on your mind.

The Rhythm method is also known as fertility awareness. This method of contraception works by using your menstrual cycle to have sex at the time of the month when you are the least fertile. Women are more likely to conceive at some points of our cycle than others, but knowing the right time is the tricky bit. Predicting your period is hard enough – predicting your fertility is about 10 times harder so give this one a miss.

The days of leaving contraception for the guys to look after are well gone, it’s your body and you are going to be the one who worries about the consequences of unprotected sex. If you and your partner think sex might be just around the corner make sure you have done your homework about the consequences. So take matters into your own hands and keep condoms in your purse (don’t just expect him to carry the responsibility of having protection).

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