Girl boxing
Girl boxing

We’ve specially designed a full range of feminine care products to suit all your needs. With Kotex® there’s no stopping you.​

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Kotex® Pads are super thin and flexible, plus have a unique design for ultimate protection.

Kotex Soft® Comfort

With 5-in-1 Protection, Kotex Soft® Comfort provides you with maximum comfort and complete protection against leakage.

Kotex Luxe®

With 70% less skin contact, Kotex Luxe® provides luxurious comfort without any compromise on absorbency.

Kotex adhesive maternity pads in basket
Kotex® Maternity

Kotex® Maternity Pads are specifically designed to provide added protection and greater absorption for heavy post-natal flow.

Kotex® Nature

The most natural possible pad, Kotex® Nature's plant-based cover is soft and gentle on intimate skin.

Kotex Soft® Air

With just a 0.8mm super ultrathin sheet, Kotex Soft® Air is the thinnest pad yet that absorbs without compromise.

Kotex Soft® Herbal

With a 99.9% anti-bacterial layer infused with natural extracts, Kotex Soft® Herbal is tough on odours, gentle on skin.

Kotex Soft® Overnight

For worry-free sleep, Kotex Soft® Overnight provides up to 10 hours leakage protection and 100% no back leaks.

Kotex® Stellar

Kotex® Stellar Pads are unique space themed pads that are designed to provide you with an unnoticeable feel.

Kotex® Herbal Cool

Made with Natural Tea Tree Extract, Kotex® Herbal Cool Pad will leave you cool, comfortable and calm.