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Making Period Cramps less painful

Making Period Cramps less painful

Let's say you're all clued up on what causes period cramps. That’s not what you were looking for was it. You were looking for super simple ways to make your period cramps less ouchy. There are a few things that you can do to make your period cramps easier to bear. A nice warm hot water bottle is a remedy that has been used for ages and always seems to do the trick a little bit. In fact, any kind of heat is probably going to help you out, so a nice relaxing hot bath will also help reduce the pain you are feeling from period cramps. Aah … feel those cramps just melting away.

Although it sounds weird exercise has also been proven to help relieve period cramps. Exercising releases endorphins (hormones that make you feel good) and helps relieve stress and tension in muscles. A cup of chamomile and honey tea is nature’s way of relaxing and soothing your body; give it a shot, even if it doesn’t work for you it’s still delicious. If you prefer more conventional medical remedies, there are lots of over the counter painkillers that can help with period cramps, a quick visit to your pharmacy or even local supermarket should kit you out perfectly (you should try take the medication as soon as your cramping starts). It’s also an idea to grab a multi-vitamin to top up all your vitamins and minerals in your body, if you do take a multi-vit; try making sure it has Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Magnesium and Thiamine in it (double check with your doc before just to make sure that the multi-vit you get is the right one for you). Smoking, coffee and alcohol can all make your period cramps much worse, so avoid these, especially around the time of your period.

If your period cramps are really sore, so much so that you can’t go to school or do everyday things, you should go see your doc. They might even prescribe the Contraceptive Pill which has also been known to regulate periods and make period cramps less severe. Period cramps are our bodies way of slowing us down so we don’t do too much while our body is going through these big monthly changes. Take note of these messages from your body, if you feel too tired to go out and about, it is ok to take some time to rest and recover. The good news is that period cramps will probably get less painful as you get older and luckily they only last a few days, and then they are gone for another whole month.

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