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Condoms are also known as rubbers, wrappers, doms, love gloves, johnnies, raincoats, etc. There are about as many names for condoms as there are different types, however they all do pretty much the same thing; stop pregnancy and STDs. The condom comes under the barrier method (sounds so romantic, NOT) of contraception.

Condoms are normally made out of latex (a fancy name for rubber) and are designed to stop a boy’s semen (aka sperm) from getting too close to the egg in your body. Condoms come in all different types and sizes for all different types of guys and gals. Most condoms also have a substance called spermicide which kills all the sperm, but won’t harm you or your boy.

Every time you engage in some kind of sex a new condom must be used. Condoms are the only type of contraceptives that can stop unwanted pregnancy AND nasty s

exually transmitted infections, so they are a v popular contraception choice. According to recent studies condoms are about 98% effective, if you use them the right way.

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