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Kotex® Herbal Cool Liners FAQs

How are Kotex® Herbal Cool Liners different from other liners in the Kotex® Herbal range?

Kotex® Herbal Cool Liners with Tea Tree Extract help to relieve the feeling of uncomfortable stuffiness and leaves you with a refreshing cool sensation. While Kotex® Herbal Liners is infused with natural extracts to prevent the growth of bad bacteria up to 99.9%^ and eliminate odour naturally.

^ Based on laboratory testing conducted on 4 common bacteria species showing anti-bacterial effects on the layer. Not clinically proven to prevent infection.

What is the difference between the Kotex®Herbal Cool Pads and Kotex® Herbal Cool Liners?

Pads are designed for use during your period, made of absorbent material to soak menstrual fluid to ensure you feel fresh and clean. Liners are much thinner and smaller than pads, these are designed for use in between your period, when your period is light or even for everyday use.

How do I ensure Kotex®

To keep the effect of cooling sensation, do not leave the package opened for a long period.

How often should I change my liner?

For maximum freshness, change minimum twice a day.

What is the difference between the Longer and Wider liner and the Regular liner?

The longer and wider liner allows for more absorption.

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