Kotex Soft® Comfort

Kotex Soft® Comfort offers 5-in-1 protection. It is:

1) Anti-leak
2) Breathable
3) Absorbs more than 400x liquid instantly
4) Fits your curves perfectly and,
5) Keeps you dry all day long

Kotex Soft Comfort provides you with the most worry-free experience all day, so you can enjoy more comfort and do more of what makes you, you. #PeriodOrNot

^Kotex Soft® Comfort contains Super Absorbent Powder which absorbs more than 400X of liquid

 Kotex Air

Kotex Soft® Comfort Range

Kotex Soft® Comfort 23cm

Perfect for regular flow, for maximum comfort all day long.

Available in 18 pack.

Kotex Soft® Comfort 28cm

Designed for heavy-flow use, for the days you need extra protection.

Available in 16 pack.

Kotex Soft® Comfort 32cm

Specially made for heavy flow and night usage, providing you with a comfortable and worry-free sleep.

Available in 14 pack.

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