KOTEX® Herbal Liners

With a soft anti-bacteria layer infused with natural+ extracts, Kotex Herbal Anti-Bacteria Liners® prevent the growth of bad bacteria at up to 99.9%^, and eliminate odour naturally.

Discreet protection to help you feel clean and fresh all day, every day. #PeriodOrNot

^ Based on laboratory testing conducted on 4 common bacteria species showing anti-bacterial effects on the layer. Not clinically proven to prevent infection.
+ Natural ingredients

KOTEX® Herbal Liners Range

KOTEX® Herbal Liners Daily Ultrathin

Super thin to maximise that comfortable unnoticeable feeling. And it is lightly scented!

Available in 25 pack.

KOTEX® Herbal Liners Daily Ultrathin Longer & Wider

Longer and wider to relieve your daily worries. Super thin to help you feel less hot and stuffy down there.

Available in 23 pack.

KOTEX® Herbal Liners Longer & Wider

Longer and wider to provide the maximum protection from unwanted wetness. Comes lightly scented.

Available in 26 pack.


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