When should I use Kotex® Overnight Panties?

Kotex® Overnight Panties were specially designed for heavy flow nights.

For most of us, that’s usually the first 2 nights of our period.


How do I use Kotex® Overnight Panties?

Wear Kotex® Overnight Panties the same way you’d pull on your underwear.

Look out for the word “BACK” to help distinguish from front and back.


Do I need to use a pad / underwear with Kotex® Overnight Panties?

Not at all! Kotex® Overnight Panties combines both pad and panty in 1 super absorbent period-wear.


What’s my size?

Use the S-M size if your waist size is up to 30” and hip size is up to 36”.

So if you usually take UK pants size 10 and below, that’s you.

Use the M-L size if your waist size is 28” and above, or if your hip size is 34” and above.

For most of us, that’s UK pants size 10 – 14.


How many Kotex® Overnight Panties should I use in 1 night?

Just 1! It’s super absorbent 3D design and panty-like fit means you can sleep all night without having to worry about leakage or changing your period wear halfway through the night.


Will they leak on my heavy flow days?

No. The Kotex® Overnight Panties features a 3D Rapid Absorb Core to fully fit body and helps prevent side and back leakage, even during heavy flow nights!


Can I stop buying pads / tampons?

Kotex® Overnight Panties were designed for heavy flow nights. But really, it’s up to you.

You can continue using pads / tampons on lighter flow days and nights or switch to Kotex® Overnight Panties completely if you wish.


I bought the Kotex® Overnight Panties but the product design is different from the one printed on the packaging. Is it a fake product?

The image on the packaging is for illustration purposes only. The product inside is genuine.


What is the difference between the two different formats of OVN Panties (ie. Box vs Packet)?

For Kotex® Overnight Panties that comes in a box is manufactured in Korea while Kotex® Overnight Panties that comes in a packet is manufactured in China.

Moreover, the former offers extra benefits with 360° Total Fit with Anti-Leakage Protection, as well as Breathable Fit properties.

The retail price for Kotex® Overnight Panties (box) and Kotex® Overnight Panties (packet) are $3.50 and $2.50 respectively.


What is the shelf life/expiry date of the OVN Panties?

Our pads are good to go for 3 years from the date of production (found on the side of the pack).


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