Kotex Soft® Air

Kotex Soft® Air is the THINNEST pad yet^. At just 0.8mm#, it absorbs 50x~ of liquid instantly, giving you all the leakage protection you need. It's barely there, so you can do more. #PeriodOrNot

# Approximately 0.8mm absorbent sheet
^ Based on comparison of absorbent cores within Kotex Soft® range only.
~ Polymers are able to absorb 50x liquid of its own weight"

Kotex Air Kotex Air

Kotex Soft® Air Range

Kotex soft air pads 23cm
Kotex Soft® Air 23cm

Perfect for regular-flow use and for that comfortable, unnoticeable feeling.

Available in 18 pack.

Kotex soft air pads 28cm
Kotex Soft® Air 28cm

Designed for heavy-flow use, yet so thin, you'll barely notice it.

Available in 16 pack.

Kotex soft air product
Kotex Soft® Air 32cm

Ideal for heavy flow and night usage. The super ultrathin pad is comfortable and allows for good night sleep.

Available in 14 pack.

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