These pads are Super Ultrathin. Will they leak on my regular flow days?

No. Kotex Soft® Air pads feature a high density of polymers that absorb liquid 50X their own weight. Instantly. Which means a comfy, leakage-free experience overall!


What lengths do Kotex Soft® Air pads come in

Kotex Soft® Air pads are available in 23cm, 28cm and 32cm, suitable for both regular and heavy flow days.


Kotex Soft® comes in a wide range. How are the pads different?

Kotex Soft® Air pads are softer than cotton and super ultrathin, without any compromise on absorbency. Available in 23cm, 28cm and 32cm for day and night use. At 0.8mm, this super ultrathin pad was made to be forgotten.

Kotex Soft® Overnight is the only pad range to feature Pro-Active Guards technology that rise against leaks. Available in 28cm, 32cm, 35cm and 41cm for heavy flow days or nights.


What is the shelf life/expiry date of these pads?

Our pads are good to go for 3 years from the date of production. This can be found on the side of the pack).


Where can I buy Kotex Soft® AIR pads?

Kotex Soft® Air pads are available at all leading retailers island-wide and online.


How often should I change my pad?

This is based on each individual flow. For those with a heavier flow, we recommend changing pads more often. As a guide, we would recommend that you change your pad every 4 hours.


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